Artistic Designing As a Whole

Info Nov 9, 2021

A design is basically a blueprint or specification of the structure or form of an object, idea or procedure, or the end result of this blueprint or specification in the shape of a model, experiment or procedure. The word ‘design’ itself may denote a technical field (as in architectural design), design (as in interior design), or simply design (as in painting). The verb to design normally indicates the process of creating a design. In its generic sense, design refers to the generation of new designs by combining existing data and ideas.


Designing is a creative process, and it is a major contributor to the progress of science, technology and business. It involves the application of knowledge to solve problems and create objects, systems and processes that satisfy people’s needs. Designing is an inherently creative activity and it involves the use of many different kinds of tools and learning techniques. It is a process through which people acquire and develop skills that enhance their ability to creatively manipulate, imagine, analyze and communicate.

Designing does not just refer to the art of producing forms, structures and things, it includes the systematic arrangement of different types of materials, actions and processes in order to meet an overall purpose. Each design should be determined by the function it is supposed to serve. Designers often seek to minimize the cost and improve performance. There are four basic categories of design: structural, functional, aesthetic and interaction.

Structural Designing deals with determining the relationships among the various physical elements and the relationship between these physical elements and the software or the computer-based virtual models. Formalized structural designs are necessary for obtaining acceptable structures for buildings, bridges, houses, industrial structures and other such items. The main objective of structural designing is to satisfy the architectural and engineering requirements. In general, there are many types of design available for such purposes.

Functional Designing on the other hand, refers to the analysis and selection of functional objects. This involves the selection of every steps and procedures from designing down to testing them. Functional designers usually rely on complex systems, and mathematical models as a part of their research. Functional designers also use various types of design.

Aesthetics Designing is the use of different types of artwork and the combination of different types. The final product depends on the combination of different types of artwork, lighting and color, furniture design, fabrics and textures, among others. Aesthetics can be classified according to the cultural and historic factors that surround an object. Aesthetics therefore, has a crucial role in building an overall visual experience. Artistic designers depend on many factors for creating aesthetic designs.