Now that you know the different ways you can network to meet your business goals, let’s jump into how to find networking opportunities for your business.

When it comes to networking opportunities, you can connect in person, online, or a combination of the two. Here are some great places to look to find a variety of networking opportunities—both online and offline.

ONLINE NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES There are events (known as meetups) for just about every topic under the sun—and as a business owner, you can leverage the platform to find opportunities (both online and off) that connect you with any type of group you’re looking for (whether that’s potential customers, like-minded business owners, or top talent in your industry).

LinkedIn: LinkedIn has a huge variety of private groups that cater to a variety of industries, holders of professional designations (i.e., CPAs or JDs), and types of business leaders. It’s also the world’s biggest network of professionals—so if you’re looking to network with potential talent for your team, consider LinkedIn your go-to resource.

Facebook Groups: Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook isn’t a professional website—but there are tons of professional connection opportunities through Facebook Groups. A quick search can help you find a variety of industry-specific groups or groups around more general business topics (like entrepreneurship or remote work) that can be great places to connect with other professionals, and start building business relationships.

Quora: If visibility-driven networking is part of your strategy, Quora can be a great way to get your name out there and establish yourself as a subject-matter expert. This question-and-answer site has questions on virtually every topic. And by finding the questions you (and your business) are qualified to answer, you can increase your visibility with the people who are asking and interested in those questions—people who would likely make great customers or clients.

Your business’ social media platforms: Social media is a great way to network—and if you already have an audience, it’s probably full of potential connections that could help take your business to the next level (including potential customers, colleagues, business associates and mentors). So start conversations, build relationships, and look for ways to network and connect with your audience.

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