Original and Unique Furniture Designs by Eero Aarnio

Info Jul 22, 2021

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Original and Unique Furniture Designs by Eero Aarnio

What exactly are the mechanisms of how architects design furniture during the late 20th century? One would initially posit three different scenarios here. First, architects design furniture for themselves in order to embellish their very own buildings. Second, they design and construct furniture as a medium to sell or lease their building’s real estate.

Thirdly, and perhaps most interestingly, furniture is designed and constructed as a tool to boost the house’s or home’s marketability. Thus, home furniture such as chairs and armchairs, end tables and nightstands are strategically placed throughout a house in order to make certain that it appears attractive to prospective buyers or tenants. It is in this last instance that the design process becomes relevant. A homeowner will be more inclined to purchase home furniture if it seems well-designed and equipped with aesthetic appeal.

Home furniture is a broad term. It generally includes any piece of furniture that is used to furnish one’s home. For instance, a small armchair would be considered home furniture. On the other hand, armchairs would not be considered home furniture if they were used to sit on the ground. The lines must be distinguished between home furniture and design furniture.

Design consultants are hired by the public to advise them on the proper furniture to buy. The design consultants hired by the public can be perusal designers, interior decorators, architects, or building contractors. They assist you in your design furniture selection, give you advice on where to put your furniture, and help you create the furniture layout that is most efficient and economical. It is important that you work closely with these individuals to ensure that you receive the highest quality design and construction work. Your personal furniture will be made to last through the years with the high quality services that these design consultants can offer.

It is the job of the design consultants to come up with unique sofa and chair ideas for your home. The ideas may include using modern day materials like leather and microfiber for the upholstery of your upholstered pieces. You could use wicker chairs or rattan sofa and chair choices. Another option could be to use recycled furniture to make your new personal furniture designs. If you choose the materials yourself, you are sure to make a good investment in environmentally friendly furnishing. Furniture can be recycled to make sofa sets, sectionals, and other seating arrangements that help in minimizing the waste and recycling of furniture.

Arguably the most recognized furniture design furniture pieces would be those created by the Finnish furniture tycoon Eero Aarnio in 1963. His furniture designs made use of geometric lines in large bold prints. These unusual pieces are designed for an artistic appeal and style that are impossible to reproduce. As a result, his furniture became instantly recognizable pieces in the 1960’s. Since then, other individuals with similar tastes have utilized the works of Eero Aarnio to design pieces of furniture that have become synonymous with beauty.