What Is A Chair?

Info Sep 19, 2021

One of the most important basic pieces of furnishing a chair is also a kind of seating arrangement. Its main features are usually two pieces of a hard wearing material, usually fabric, connected as seat and back to each other at a 90 degree or slightly higher angle. A chair usually has arms that are either extendable or collapsible at the back. Most chairs can be fitted with arm rests, especially if they have a rounded back.


There are many kinds of these seating arrangements. The most usual is a ‘chair’ where only one person sits. In such a situation, that person is called a ‘host’. A’sitter’ would be someone else sitting in a chair next to the host.

Host and sitters sit facing each other. On modern day chairs, there are automatic swivel mechanisms that allow the chairs to move sideways. So, on one side of a chair, you have a human sitter and on the other side a swiveling chair. It is not uncommon for chairs to be made up of more than one independent piece. For example, there may be two or three independent seats attached to the same chair.

The chair has three essential qualities. These are the essence (a soul), the form (a frame) and the location (a seat). As said above, the essence of a chair refers to its physical shape. A chair’s form can be described as its formless nature; in other words, it could be any of animate object that has no definite shape. The physical shape of a chair consists of its legs, back, arms and often its soul.

The chair’s location, on the other hand, refers to where someone sits. A chair that is placed in the center of a room would most likely describe a chair that is used by many people. A chair that is placed in the corner of a room would most likely be described by someone who uses the chair as their main sitting area. A chair that is placed in the middle of a room would be described by someone who only uses the chair as an extra sitting area. Finally, the soul of the chair refers to the internal soul of the chair – the spirit that inhabits the chair when it is in its original shape (as described above). When someone sits on a chair that does not have a soul, they are not really sitting in a chair, but rather in a chair’s shadow.

Many types of chair exist. However, the original chair remains to this day the most common. In general, the chair has a frame with legs (usually a chair) and a back (usually an armless chair). The original chair was originally created out of wood and considered to be an inanimate object. However, as technology advanced, sociable aspects to chairs were integrated into the concept and they are now used in more social situations than ever before.